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From my hands to your home.


Me and the best husband ever
The Road So Far...

It all began with boredom.


In 2020 I got tired of sitting around, twiddling my thumbs. Prior to the world shutting down I had made a few DIY projects out of pallets and scrap wood. So I decided to go out to the garage and see if I could entertain myself. 

I had no idea that I was just starting my journey as a woodworker. I am mostly self-taught, at least as much as one can be with online tutorials being their main teacher. 

I have made some beautiful items, many things that I am proud of, a lot of sawdust, and some very expensive firewood. 

My motto through it all is that you can not be an expert if you are not willing to start as an amateur.


I'm just happy to be doing something that brings me joy. People wanting to purchase these items for themselves or as gifts just make it even better. Having the support of the greatest husband ever is the best.


I've only been on this path a few years, and I can't wait to see where it takes me.  

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